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Captain Caladryll Sevant is the Commanding Officer of the USS Boudicca.

"Attention all hands. Most of you are unaware of what exactly has been going on in the Federation over the last year; I've kept it that way on purpose. But now is the time, it should be obvious that we're heading back into Federation territory under arms."

"Admiral Doenitz has declared himself President Doenitz and he has instituted invasions and forced takeovers of several core worlds. He has declared war against our own. We can no longer stand by on the fringes, the fight is over our homeworlds, the people dying are our own friends and family, those we swore to protect. We can not allow this to happen any longer. Our duty prevents it. Our conscience prevents it.

"LoDona has ordered us, our Task Force, and all available personnel to engage Doenitz's forces with all due prejudice. Not to avenge those already lost, but to save those destined to die if this regime is left unchecked. Doenitz will find it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain occupation forces for the core worlds with the Rebel fleets and the Klingons invading after more then a year of defensive actions on the fringe. And make no mistake; there is more then one fleet. The 52nd is no longer alone in this endeavor; other Fleet Admirals have rebelled and are going to war to free their homeworlds and people. The Klingon people have also declared war and have joined our side. We are not alone, and thus neither are our friends and family in the Federation."

He looked at the chronometer, "As of 0723 hours today, USS Boudicca is going to war. One way or another, We. Are. Going. Home."

~Captain Sevant to the entire crew of the USS Boudicca

Author’s Note[edit]

Captain Caladryll Sevant

Sevant is my first and oldest character; he was first created before Star Trek: Freedom was even a consideration, back when most of the oldest players were still FGN (Federation Gaming Network). I first put him on paper as my joining character of the FGN in late 1998. That’s six, almost seven, years worth of gaming history… and as such, his history is twisted.

Most of the details I have to gloss over on his official gaming bio, the sucker is just that long, and thus the substance of his life is lost in a series of dates. This is my attempt to write out all the forces which have shaped him into what he is today. Watch for further Author’s Notes within the text that is to follow, which will explain much of the behind-the-scenes concerns.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Pre-Starfleet Life[edit]

Sevant was born to a human mother and Vulcan father. His mother was a classical music composer and music teacher, his father a diplomat with the Federation Diplomatic Corps, they met on Earth during one of his fathers many visits to the Diplomatic Center.

He was born on Vulcan, where his mother had elected to move, and spent his first five years in her care as his father traveled the galaxy. This changed in tragedy just after his fifth birthday. And they were, until his marriage, the happiest of his life.

During a short jaunt out-system, on the return journey to home, Caladryll and his mother had the misfortune of being on a passenger liner that was taken by Romulan terrorists opposed to the reunification of Vulcan and Romulus. The only thing Sevant remembers clearly about this time is, after ten hours of terror, the craft coming under attack by Vulcan Defense Forces. The attack blasted a hole in the hull, causing a massive air-rush. His mother, in panic, managed to get Sevant’s belt secured but not her own, and the suction pulled her outside the hull to her death. Her final scream, along with those of a half dozen others unlucky enough to be caught before the emergency force-fields came on, still haunt his dreams. This event also left him marked as a piece of debris cut across his face moments after his mother disappeared, he now has a prominent scar running from the base of his hairline, across his left eye and down to the base of mouth. It serves as a constant reminder of his favorite parent and how she was lost.

So then began his life under the control of his father, who took a one year leave-of-absence to bury his wife and take his son under his wing. T’Valdec was a man who did his best for his son, though the strain of training a half-human son and trying to make him conform to the rigid logic of Vulcan society showed.

Sevant only went on one diplomatic mission, that shortly after T’Valdec’s return to service. It was during that one month set of negotiations that Sevant met Victoria Reighly, the daughter of another Federation Ambassador and Caladryll’s future wife, as a playmate.

Authors Note: Vicki was first played by Sal Hammond, perhaps my first and best friend from my first stint on the Boudicca. More will be found on Vicki when I write up her history, but almost all of Vicki’s habits mirrored Sal’s… right down to her love of Crown Royale on the rocks.

Shortly thereafter, T’Valdec left Sevant’s care and education to a series of Tutors and family members. Often was the time that one of T’Valdec’s personal friends or acquaintances would stop by on leave in order to teach Sevant something specific. One of Sevant’s favorites was a Klingon, a former Starfleet Officer who owed Sevant’s father a favor. This came at a time when Caladryll was particularly ill-at-ease in the rigid society of Vulcan, K’Ratoc was sent to teach the young half-Vulcan self-control. To do that, K’Ratoc trained the boy in multiple forms of Klingon Combat, from bat'leth and mek’leth down to hand-to-hand. The technique worked, Sevant’s hot blood cooled as logic and self-discipline took root together.

These skills were put to the test years later when Caladryll was a teenager. The beloved Klingon had turned up missing months before, and he was standing armed in the Sevant family gardens when Caladryll returned from school. And as though it were a bad murder mystery, the Klingon attacked Sevant. Caladryll always carried his bat’leth with him as a child, he would practice with it at school and had even gone so far as to form a small squad for ‘practice’. Like poker, the Vulcan parents didn’t mind the oddity as it served to teach physical control… the bat’leth is deceptively difficult to use. A battle ensued, in which the Klingon was grievously wounded, and died in Sevant’s arms. Sevant, after years of immersion in Klingon society, bellowed for the fallen warrior… the sound of which brought the authorities. It was later determined that the Klingon had been captured and conditioned to kill Caladryll’s father, who was in the middle of tight negations. The culprits were never caught.

Sevant then attended the University of Vulcan, at age 16, with a Major in Federation History (focusing on Starfleet) and a minor in Race Relations. It was thought that he would follow in his fathers foot-steps, thus it was a surprise when he immediately applied for Starfleet Academy upon receipt of his diploma, at age 20. Many of the basic educational classes he opted out of due to his previous diploma, and he only spent one year at the Academy proper before being moved to the Meridian Advanced Undersea training facility to finish his Starfleet Training. His last three years were spent there, learning tactics, command and other related skills.

Authors Note: That was the basis for the FGN, that our cadets were ‘more’ then your average Starfleet Officer, that they went through advanced training under a mile of ocean in the Pacific and became the Elite… the best of the best. So I’m not just ringing my own bell here, Sevant was exceptional because that was the idea of the game :-)

Nothing significant happened during his college years except for a falling out with his father when he chose to take a Security Major. He spent his time studying, he made few friends, he applied himself to his position with vigor. And all the while he held onto his hard learned ideals of Logic and self-control.

He graduated on Stardate 2403.05.15 and was transferred immediately to Starbase 968 to wait the pleasure of Captain Susan Rivers as Assistant Security & Tactical Chief (TAC/ASC) of the almost-commissioned USS Boudicca.

Biographical Information & Other[edit]

Bio Information[edit]

Captain Caladryll Sevant

Name: Caladryll Sevant

Race: Vulcan/Human (50/50)

Rank: Captain

Sex: Male

Eye Colour: grey

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 6'2

Weight: 180 lbs

Blood Colour: green

Skin Colour: Olive

Physical Description:

Sevant cannot be physically distinguished from a normal Vulcan without going through a medical scan. He is of medium build and has a scar running from the base of his hairline, across his left eye and down to the base of mouth from an accident.


University of Vulcan: Major in Federation History/Starfleet History and minor in Race Relations.

Starfleet Academy: Security Major

Also took a stint in the Federation War College during his time in the academy to learn Strategic Operations.

Medical History:

Has undergone many hardships in life and duty

He has a scar on his face, from a disastrous affair on a shuttlecraft over vulcan.

Has been injured many times in many ways while in service in Starfleet. He has been shot once, on the Nimitz. And he has multiple scars over his body from the Torture on Medial IV by Romulans. He also has a new scar on his face from a Romulan knife that slashed him during the Romulan Boarding of the Nimitz on Stardate 2405.03.25

He is officially under Medical Watch for ten years, since his 'death' and 'rebirth' after having his Katra reattached by Vulcan High Priests.


Phaser Marksmanship : Highly Skilled in Vulcan Martial Arts : Moderately skilled in standard Starfleet Security Hand to Hand Combat : Skilled with a Klingon Bat'leth : Guerilla Tactics and Shipboard Combat Tactics : Standard Tactical training with the Security BDU.

Racial Abilities:

Moderate Broadcast Telepathy/Empathy : Strong Touch Telepathy


Hand to hand Combat, 3d chess tactics, Combat Tactics and Strategy under adverse conditions (Guerilla Tactics)


Plays 3D chess.

Was trained as a boy to wield a Klingon Bat'leth, and practices with it upon occasion.

Sevant likes to discuss matters of security or history with anyone competent in the fields when time permits.

General Notes:

Sevant Is a follower of Sybok, so he does not fear Emotion and does actively seek it out upon occasion. However, he does not feel as most Sybok Followers, that logic is inherently evil, and places himself in his long-remembered logical state whenever he must have a clear mind.

He was married to former Boudicca Crewmember Vicki Reiligh. And had two daughters by her, before thier murder. He is still deeply bitter at the loss, and utterly ruthless to murderers, a useful trait in the current civil war.

After being injured and watching his Mother die at Romulan hands, and after having been Tortured during the 'Ael Deletham' Affair, and after having been injured and fighting back a Romulan invasion group from the Nimitz... Sevant has begun to have a very real hatred towards Romulans as a race and people. He considers them barbaric, and nothing more then beasts looking to make war on his government and family.


Awarded Combat Action Ribbon with 3 Clusters, Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice with Clusters, Awarded Squadron Commanders Commendation twice, Awarded Captains Commendation

Caladryll Sevant is played by J Trout