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SusanR r1.jpg
Captain Susan Rivers
Name: Susan Rivers
Rank: File:Captcmd.jpg Captain
Awards: Rib02.gif Rib02.gif Rib12.gif

Rib19.gif Rib19.gif

Gender: Female
Species: Bajoran/Human hybrid
Age: 32
Position: On Leave of Absence
Ship: USS Boudicca
Status: SPC

"In other schools girls are sent out quite unprepared into a merciless universe, but when our girls leave here, it is the merciless universe which has to be prepared. I feel sure Susan won't let the old school down."

- Ms. Millicent Fritton, Head Teacher, St Trinians.

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 5' 10

Weight: 140 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Physical Description: Tall, stands very straight, habitually with hands clasped behind her back. Her hair is medium length, although she used to wear it long and pinned up. She has high cheekbones, a nose which is just too long for beauty, large eyes with long dark lashes. Her face shows both the Native American ancestry from her father's side and the Bajoran nose wrinkles from her mother. Her figure is neat and trim - she works out regularly and is always neatly turned out in uniform, though she can be more relaxed off-duty. She has a small scar (no more than 0.5 cm long) on her right temple, just above her eyebrow.

Family and Background[edit]

Her mother is Lei Janna, daughter of Kol Shakan and Lei Roma, two Bajoran resistance fighters who died when Janna was only 10 years old. Janna has been fighting her whole life - first to free Bajor, then to free New Terra and the other Maquis worlds. She now holds a senior liaison post between the Maquis and the Federation.

As an ex-Starfleet pilot, Susan's late father Thomas Rivers had many skills to offer the Maquis and rose swiftly to a position of leadership. He and Janna moved from colony to colony, setting up resistance cells then moving on to prevent detection and capture. Their son, Marcus, was 10 years old when Susan was born, and so although she was sent to live with her father's sister Luisa on Earth when the war started, he was allowed to stay with his parents.

Even after the end of the war, Susan remained with Luisa (an archaeology professor) while her parents continued the fight for self-determination. By the time the Peace Accord was signed in 2388 and she could have returned home, Susan was 11 years old and in secondary education. It was decided not to disrupt her life by returning her to New Terra. Susan was bitterly disappointed at this decision, and felt as though her family was rejecting her. To forget her unhappiness she threw herself into her studies and graduated top of her class. She went on to study archaeology, but soon realised that she wanted more from life than the study of dead civilisations. She considered applying to the Maquis fleet, but eventually decided that she would have no place there that was not created by her parents and brother for her. She felt that only within the diversity of Starfleet could she make a place that would be hers and hers alone.


Her major problem is her constant clashes with authority, and her temper, both of which she is learning to keep under control. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and can be blunt to the point of rudeness, but can be intensely loyal where she feels it is deserved. Her respect, like her loyalty, has to be earned.


Educated at St Trinian's School on Earth, whilst in the care of her father's sister Luisa (a noted archaeologist), Susan's first degree was in archaeology. However, she soon decided that she wanted more out of life than following in her aunt's footsteps and studying dead civilisations, and after much thought (and a flaming row with her family) applied to and was accepted by Starfleet Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Susan was sent to Earth during the war and was brought up there by her father's sister Luisa. She chose to join Starfleet as opposed to the Maquis fleet, rather to her family's disapproval. She has a hot temper and can be assertive almost to the point of rudeness. She is painfully honest but during her Starfleet service has learnt to be tactful - sometimes! Her loyalty and respect once earned are absolute.

Starfleet History[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Her three years at the Academy were notable for two things: her constant clashes with authority and her equally constant high marks in all her classes. She was on average in the top five students of her year each year, and graduated with honours. For three successive years she held the title for marksmanship, and has kept up her practice. She also gained high grades in hand-to-hand combat, with a distinction in unarmed combat. She has learned to control her temper on most occasions.

Whilst at the Academy she met and fell in love with another cadet, Steve Zintel, a Trill. She was extremely happy and had requested that she be assigned to the same ship Zintel was assigned to, the USS Spectre. Then she found out that Steve was cheating on her with other women, and Susan immediately broke off the relationship and requested a change of assignment, which was granted.

She was assigned as OPS officer with the rank of Ensign(jg)to the USS Nimitz, which had just been launched under the command of Captain Aragorn.

USS Nimitz[edit]

Promoted to Ensign(sg)

When Captain Aragorn married Louise Palmer, the Vegan invited his good friend Captain Remae Ktell and the crew of the USS Spectre, the ship on which Aragorn had first served and where he had met Louise, to the wedding. Susan met up with Zintel again, he apologised for the way he had behaved, and they made up. Zintel gifted her a Bajoran friendship bracelet just before the wedding. Promoted to Lt(jg)

Promoted to 2O

During the Federation/Cardassian war, the Nimitz CO Captain Aragorn took Susan with him on a mission to get the Maquis forces to throw their weight in on the side of Starfleet. They agreed and a Maquis fleet was despatched to Starbase 968, arriving in time to swing the result of what became known to historians variously as the battle for Starbase 968 (Federation) or the battle for Bajor (Maquis). During that battle, Maquis Captain Thomas Rivers, believing his daughter Susan was aboard the Nimitz, was killed when he used his ship the MSS Gernoimo to protect the crippled Nimitz from a Cardassian Galor. Unknown to Thomas, Susan had been issued with immediate transfer orders from the Nimitz to the Spectre only hours before the battle began.

USS Spectre/USS Athene[edit]

Commander Rivers

Transferred to USS Spectre as FO, with a promotion to Lt Commander.

Learns of the death of her father from Captain Aragorn.

Meets up with her former fiance, Steve Zintel. Their romance is rekindled but Zintel dies of a previously unknown disease now named Zintel's Syndrome. The cure was found by Dr Anderson, the Spectre's CMO, but too late to save Zintel.

Transferred to USS Athene as FO with Captain Remae Ktell and the rest of the Spectre crew after the near-destruction of the USS Spectre.

Promoted to Commander.

USS New Victory[edit]

Transferred to the USS New Victory, a captured Cardassian Galor class which was to be the temporary home of the Nimitz crew whilst the ship was being repaired after the battle for Starbase 968, as FO. Took part in the investigation of a Gulorian baseship, which the Nimitz crew managed to prevent falling into the hands of the Cardassians.

Back to USS Nimitz[edit]

Returned to USS Nimitz as FO with Captain Aragorn and the Nimitz crew once the ship's repairs and refit had been completed.

First Command - USS Boudicca[edit]

Captain Susan Rivers

Promoted to Captain and given command of the newly-launched USS Boudicca. Met Captain Kendaro Itano, the CO of Starbase 968 and began a relationship with him whilst vacationing on Bajor.

After an attack in which she was severely injured, so seriously that the injuries could not be treated aboard ship, she was put into stasis and on their return to the nearest Starbase, invalided off the Boudicca.

The relationship with Kendaro did not survive their separation, leaving Susan wary of committing herself again.

Boredom at SFHQ[edit]

When she eventually recovered several months later, Susan was informed by SFHQ that command of the Boudicca had been given to her former FO, Sam Kaneshiro, and that she was to await a new assignment. In the meantime, once certified fit to return to duty, she was given a desk job at SFHQ, reviewing OPS procedures. Never one to accept inactivity gracefully, Susan became increasingly bored and frustrated kicking her heels at SFHQ. Knowing that Sam fully deserved the command, and being glad that the Boudicca was in safe hands, nevertheless did not make things easier for her. Eventually her frustration boiled over into a furious row with Admiral P'Zaan over his refusal yet again to consider her for a return to active service, and at the disciplinary hearing which followed she was reduced in rank from Captain to Commander. Susan was beginning to seriously consider an offer from her brother to leave Starfleet and return to the Maquis, when Admiral Kriller ordered her to join him on board the USS Firebrande. Once aboard and underway, he informed her that they were travelling to rendezvous with the USS Nimitz, and that she was to be given command of her.

Once more back on the USS Nimitz[edit]

Promoted back to Captain by Admiral Eileen Greely, after bringing the badly-damaged Nimitz back to Starbase Geneva following the battle with the Romulan vessel, Red Claw.

Some time later, Susan was told by Aragorn (now an Admiral, and assigned to a small base in a remote part of the Gamma Quadrant) of the machinations of Admiral Doenitz. Warned by her former CO to stay out of it, Susan refused and eventually confronted Doenitz. Afterwards she spoke to Admiral LoDona and Commander (later Captain) Grailik and discovered that they, too, were suspicious of Doenitz's activities.

"Sir, I am a Starfleet officer, NOT a lady! I will stand with Lt Nakamura at Tactical, as his assistant is one of those who have not reported back to the ship."

"Really, Captain? I am sorry but I know you. And you know me. And you know Commander Sevant. And Commander Sevant knows you. Now I think I know Commander Sevant a little bit, and probably Commander Sevant knows me a little bit. But on the whole, I'd rather have someone close by that I would know better. Besides, if I remember correctly, Commander Sevant has earned his spurs in Tactical, and if anyone would be best suited to occupy the Tactical station, it would be Commander Sevant. As for you not being a lady... well, let's pretend, shall we?"

-Captain Susan Rivers and Admiral Aragorn, Burial Ground, Stardate: 2406.03.05

Captain, USS Nimitz until injured in the line of duty.

On Ohlsson's staff[edit]

Although her injuries were not that serious, she did not return to the Nimitz but transferred to Admiral Ohlsson's staff at his personal request. Further information of her time with Ohlsson remains classifed until further notice, but is rumoured to have included some blackops assignments.

Ohlsson then gave her a special assignnment (see Sub Rosa ), investigating a possible traitor on the Boudicca. To provide her with a cover-story, Susan used her previous record of insulting Admirals to provoke a court-martial for gross insubordination to Admiral Weston, resulting in a reduction of her rank from Captain to Lt(jg).

USS Boudicca again[edit]

Captain Rivers

Assigned as TAC/ASC to the USS Boudicca under her own former FO, then Commander but now Captain Caladryll Sevant. However, when the Boudicca's FO, Commander West, was badly injured in battle, Captain Sevant made Susan his FO, promoting her to Commander.

Susan served as the Boudicca's FO for only two missions before events forced another change. Damage to the ship meant that the crew temporarily transferred to the Miranda Class USS Kitty Hawk. Whilst Susan led an away team to recover Colonel Eva Straton from the planet Iradon where Straton's shuttle had crashed, the Kitty Hawk was engaged by a Cardassian vessel, intent on fulfilling their own mission with Dr Jorsad Ari, the Boudicca's acting Chief Medical Officer. In the ensuing fight, several crewmembers were killed. Captain Sevant was injured but returned to the Bridge.

After the mission was completed, news reached the Boudicca of the death of Captain Wolfe, the commanding officer of the USS Champlain. In view of the fact that Dr Caskie had just confirmed that Susan was pregnant, she was ordered to transfer from the Boudicca and take command of the USS Champlain with immediate effect.

USS Champlain - the undiscovered country[edit]

Taking with her several crewmembers to replace those killed in the same attack in which Captain Wolfe died, Susan travelled back to Starbase Geneva to meet up with the Champlain and her crew.

Those travelling with her include Dr 'Josh' Caskie, and Lt Colonel Leonal Drizzt.

Charged with bringing the crew to battle readiness as soon as possible, Susan spent the first few weeks of her new command running simulation after simulation. Finally, the Champlain was ordered to take her place in Task Force 19, which was to be at the forefront of the assault on the MDP, under the overall command of Admiral Sevant.

It was during this battle that the Champlain met her end, immortalised in a Rodenberry Award-winning documentary by Hal Stanza, The Final Flight of the Champlain.

USS Rosenante - First CO[edit]

Susan and most of her former officers and crew were assigned to the USS Rosenante - first of her class, and a dedicated explorer.

Susan was honoured to be the the first CO of the Rosenante. Few Captains get to be the first Captain of a new ship, and fewer still get to do it twice in their career. She still has fond memories of the ship and her command of her.

USS Boudicca - returning once more[edit]

After the arrest of Captain Sevant, Susan was ordered back to the Boudicca to take command of her old ship. Travelling back with her family and with her yeoman from the Rosenante as well as the Rose's Chief Nurse, Susan prepares to take the Boudicca on a new voyage of discovery and exploration.

Having been redesignated as an explorer and given a refit at the end of the Civil War, the Boudicca has latterly been sent to patrol the area around Laatstekans Station out on the fringes of the frontier.

Already the crew have encountered a new race, the Mithgiln, whose living ships the Shonora form a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with their Mithgiln partners in exploring the galaxy. The first contact did not go as smoothly as might have been hoped due to the Mithgiln's opposite beliefs to the Federation with regards to contact with pre-warp races. Goodwill was preserved on both sides though, and it is hoped that there will be further contact with the Mithgiln in the not-too-distant future. A full report will of course be sent to Starfleet, but for the moment the crew of the Boudicca look forward to some R&R before their next mission.

Current assignment:[edit]

On secondment to Admiral Ohlsson, Special Ops.

Medical History[edit]

Numerous appearances in Sickbay due to injuries sustained in the line of duty.


Expert at unarmed combat (she was Academy Champion two years running), also target shooting (sharpshooter status). Has recently received advanced computer training.


Has elevated the knack of upsetting senior officers, particularly admirals, almost to an artform.

Likes to read but rarely has the time to settle down with a book.

Has been known to enjoy the occasional holodeck program.

Can often be found in the gym or on the shooting range in her off-duty times.

General Notes[edit]

Pangur Ban

Susan has a pet cat, a ginger tom called Pangur Ban, who likes to go walkabout and meet people, generally making a nuisance of himself.

She dislikes children intensely, and strongly believes they have no place aboard a tactical vessel. To say she feels uncomfortable around them would be an understatement. Ironically she has recently become the guardian of two Bajoran children, Toral Loren and Toral Shun, formerly wards of Sam Kaneshiro. It's hard to know who to feel sorrier for, Susan or the kids :-) Until recently they were in the care of Susan's mother, Lei Janna, on Bajor, but after the Civil War they resided with Susan and her then partner, Lt Colonel Leonal Drizzt whilst Susan was in command of the Boudicca. Now that she has been reassigned back to Special Ops, the children live with Susan's brother Marc Rivers and his partner, Kalpek Doth.

Leonal and Susan have one daughter, Luisa, born on 2407.08.11. Luisa lives with her father.

Susan makes a true and loyal friend once she gets to know you, but an implacable and unforgiving enemy.


Rib02.gifCross of Fire: For actions above and beyond the call of duty during the battle for the MDP 2407

Rib02.gif Cross of Fire: For heroic action above and beyond the call of duty in destroying Doenitz's Telepath Labs 2406

Rib12.gif Combat Action Ribbon: For the battle with Doenitz's fleet at the site of the Telepath Labs 2406

Rib19.gif Squadron Commander Commendation: For remarkable courage and devotion to duty under the most difficult circumstances during the attempted Romulan invasion of the Nimitz 2405

Rib19.gifSquadron Commander Commendation: Awarded to the entire crew of the Nimitz by Admiral Andrews of Vanguard Squadron, for their courageous actions against the Cardassians 2404

Was awarded but returned the Order of Unity, as she believes that an award such as that only perpetuates the memory of the division the Civil War caused.

Susan Rivers is played by Liz Geuken.