Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided

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Mission Brief:[edit]

The new Romulan Praetor and his Senate have expressed a desire to establish a new peace treaty, in the form of an updated version of the Treaty of Algeron and build bonds of friendship and generally improve relations within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

As a result, the USS Hades has been ordered to transport an ambassador to meet with the Praetor on Romulus and discuss details of this new treaty. While this is taking place, the USS Hades and her crew are to be on standby, to assist the ambassador, and ultimate to the bring him home.

According to intelligence reports, members of the Imperial Senate have already expressed objections to the peace treaty. With tensions mounting and old racial intollerances surfacing, the crew must keep a level head and be prepared for anything in Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided.

The Diplomatic Envoy[edit]

The following are the members of the Diplomatic Party sent by the Federation to meet with the Romulan Praetor:

Ambassador Jericho Nolan

Ambassador's Aide Brianna Frazier

Diplomatic Advisor Raizel Grem

Diplomatic Advisor Paris Kolar

Starbase 989: The Pickup[edit]

Soon after the Hades received orders for the new mission, they headed to Starbase 989 to collect the diplomatic envoy. Starbase 989 is a resupply base located in the Nequencia-Alpha System, approximately 6 Light Years from the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Ambassador and his team were dropped at the Starbase by a transport, and arrived roughly 24 hours prior to the arrive of the Hades.

Telepathic Difference[edit]

After the Ambassador met with the Captain, it was clear that Sash anted to add a few of his own addition to the negotiating team. Counsellor Jon Nayati, Lieutenant Ardena Carrow, and Lieutenant Tom Jackson were to be added to the team, and coincidentally, 2 of these three additons possessed the telepathic ability.

Little did Captain Sash know that this small gathering would soon come to blows over the negotiating table. It was quite apparent that Carrow and Frazier did not get along, and after an explosive first meeting, the two decided to keep their distance from the other as best they could. Ambassador Nolan had his work cut out for him to make this new team work together effectively, and with some helpful suggestions from Yeoman Lebranski, he arranges to have a team-work exercise in the holodecks.

Disaster Struck: Blackout[edit]

Toward the end of Day 4, as the Hades draw very close to the Romulan border, the Hades was hit by catastrophy. A rupture of an EPS Conduit leaves the Hades section of the ship without main power, communications, and the majority of other systems. Coincidentally, the explosion occured almost precisely where Captain Sash and Ambassador Nolan had been walking.