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K'Thartek was the leader of the Tch'Kairn Resistance on Tch'Kair during the Waagoshin Invasion.

A prior slave for a mid-level Waagoshin functionary, K'thartek turned to revolutionary work only after his master nearly killed him in a fit of rage, typical of the Waagoshin species.

Although badly, beaten, K'Thartek managed to kill his master, in self defense, thus breaking the sacred laws of "Kel'Sima" (The Great Truth), which professed complete peace and harmony with other sentient lifeforms. Violent action is demonized in Tch'Kairn society, but in his defense and the subsequent death of his harsh and brutal master, K'Thartek began to see a means by which the oppressor could be overthrown and his people freed.

Over the course of several years, he carefully built up a series of networked resistance cells, using careful manipulation of resources and conducting small harassing raids as training exercises. By 2408, the Tch'Kairn resistance movement could claim a couple of hundred thousand members from two speceies ( the Tch'Kairn and the Niglik) as well as operational capability on three planets in the Sigma Draconis System.

The addition of Lupo Dal, the last great philosopher of the Kel'Sima philosophy, lent the resistance an immediate credibility with the masses, who began to slowly support the resistance through clandestine means.

In early 2408, The resistance stumbled upon an abandoned scientific station nestled in the mountains north of the Capital city. After a thorough search, they discovered an original recording of a distress signal transmitted at the beginning of the Waagoshin invasion a little over a hundred years earlier.

With the aid of excellent intelligence a plan was formed to use the distress signal as a beacon to summon assistance. Although a long shot, K'Thartek felt that only outside intervention on the behalf of the Tch'kairn species could guarantee success in the coming revolt.

His gamble, paid off, when a few weeks later, Starfleet deep space relays detected the message and forwarded it to Starfleet Command. The USS Hades was dispatched and arrived in the system a couple of weeks later under Waagoshin escort.

K'Thartek realized that the Waagoshin would be unable to resist their more aggressive base natures and initiated contact with the Federation officers when the Waagoshin kidnapped three of the Hades senior crew.

Under the Command of Commander Eva Straton, the hades allied with the Tch'Kairn Resistance against a mutual foe. The two groups worked together to orchestrate a four pronged simultaneous attack against Waagoshin Military targets, which left the waagoshin desperate and on the verge of collapse.

A mixed UFP and Tch'Kairn assault team breached the Waagoshin orbital station acting as their command center and rescued two of the three Federation officers held prisoner there. Captain Devan Sash was killed, when he nobly sacrificed his life to destroy the orbital station and in so doing so killed Alpha One the Waagoshin leader in the sector.

In the aftermath, the Waagoshin forces were forcefully expelled from the system and Tch'Kair was free to self-govern.

After the battle for liberation, K'Thartek assumed the position of Provisional Governor and appointed Lupo Dal his advisor. Realizing that the Waagoshin were likely to return in force, he began building a standing Tch'Kairn military force.

He also ordered a statue depicting the battle be commissioned as well as a memorial to those that had died in the fighting, including those lost by the United Federation of Planets.

K'Thartek first appeared in the USS Hades Mission: A Rule of Conscience