Amari Riya

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Character Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour Green/Blue

Hair Colour Brown

Height 5 foot 8

Weight 170 IBS

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Tanned

Physical Description[edit]

Her hair is about neck length, spiral curly unless blown out and prone to being a bit frizzy. It's just long enough to be secured in a tail or very short french braid. Her hair is brown, with a few fine grey hairs mixed in. She has the matte eyes of her betazoid father, but the color is a dark green-blue. Her right eye is larger than her left. Her lips are full and kissable. While not classicly beautiful she is not unattractive. She has a bit of a serious expression most of the time. She enjoys having her nails done most of the time.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Her human mother Elisabet is a schoolteacher on betazed and her betazoid father, Tamun, is a farmer. From a very young age she acquired a love of the land and farming tha led her into science. She always intended to take over the Family Farm, but in secondary school she was recruited to Starfleet and hasn't looked back since. She has an older sister in the command track of Starfleet, Alarisa; two younger sisters - Erithe and Maha who help her parents with the farm and one younger brother, Adrian who is still in secondary school. The rumor is Mother might be expecting again!


The usual sort of primary and secondary schools a child of the Federation is expected to attend. While she wasn't at the top of her class, she wasn't at the bottom either, except where the sciences were concerned. Her interests are in botany and so she persued them with a vengeance. Her teachers wanted her to become a physician, but she found that her love of plants outweighed that of caring for people. She was accepted into the scientific section of starfleet within a semester of her being at the Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

A love of the land mixed with the love of her family made for a happy childhood. Her time in Academy was also a happy time for her. She still maintains communications with one of the women from her time there.

Starfleet History[edit]

Graduated the Academy at the age of 20. She spent a year happily at the Academy assisting the botany professor for some advanced training. She was then transferred to the Federation Gardens on Alpha Centauri. Three years there and a promotion to Ensign sg landed her what she wanted, a tour on an exploration starship as a lab technician in the botany labs. She spent four years on the Excalibur, progressing her from lab technician to assistant science officer. She was then transferred for a year's stint at a lab on DS12. She despised station life and put in for the first available transfer, and her thirtieth birthday got what she wanted - a promotion to Lt and a transfer as Science Officer

Medical History[edit]

The usual sort of childish ailments and she is highly allergic to certain plant toxins.


Botany, gene manipulation

Other Information[edit]


Gardening in the arboreteum, spending time on the holodeck, dancing and keeping in contact with her family.

General Notes[edit]

Sometimes shy and sometimes bold. Career oriented though a bit eccentric at moments.



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