Andreas Schliegler

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Character Bio[edit]

Eye Colour Green

Hair Colour Dark Brown

Height 6 foot 3

Weight 188 IBS

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Tanned

Physical Description[edit]

Well-defined muscular frame. Wears his hair in a ponytail. Always wears photochromatic sunglasses due to his eyes being sensitive to light. He wears an earring with large pearl in his left earlobe.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background Andreas came from a family of six who were all working in the family company (Tegernsee Space Transport Options) until it was taken over by a conglomerate of space travel companies, the Raumhansa. All family members were given positions by their new boss as part of the take-over agreement.

Education Astronavigation at the Heidelburg Institute of Science as part of the Flight training course he underwent at the Raumhansa training facilities.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

At the age of twenty Andreas started work for two years as rocketeer at Raumhansa, but was internally transferred to the test-flight section after his flying skills became evident. After three years of test-flights Andreas got bored with the lack of speed and applied for Starfleet training, but also because they had the 'way cooler ships'. After initial problems with his attitude he was finally granted a place at the Academy after two years trying

Starfleet History[edit]

Astronavigation and propulsion systems. After leaving the Academy Andreas was assigned to Spacedock Phoenix as test-pilot but was re-assigned to the USS Mystique after one year of continous problems with his lack of respect for safety regulations and his preference for risky manouevers. Although he was never involved in flying acidents, his flying style, which consisted mainly of flying as much as possible on manual override as fast as possible, caused many heartflutters and much distress.

Medical History[edit]

Andreas suffers from severe photophobia. He was offered medical correction of his eyes but declined even though the condition is progressing. He decided that wearing sunglasses would look cooler.


Andreas can fly everything as long as it has an engine and some kind of control system which can be taken off-line.


Making himself look cool.

General Notes[edit]

works out regularly in a gym and uses solariums to keep his tan perfect. For relaxation Andreas will lock himself up on a holodeck and simulate a shuttle flying through an asteroid field at near light speed. His record is twenty minutes before hitting an asteroid and exploding.


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