Jonathan Linskens

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Character Description[edit]

Eyes blue

Weight 151

Hair black

Skin tanned

Height 6' 2

Blood red

Overall reasonable physique even though John is slightly underweight. This is mostly due to John's aversion to physical excercising. He can be seen most times wearing a monocle, which in fact is a screenlens as part of his personal miniature computer that he uses as personal database. He wears his black hair trimmed short.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

John lost both his parents at the age of 15, when the vessel his parents were serving on was destroyed by a Borg cube. As John was a single child, he has no close relatives to fall back to, apart from a retired grandfather who took him in and guided him through life until the grandfather too died from natural causes. Jonathan is therefore a loner who has problems with allowing others to come close to him for fear of them abandoning him like his family did. His duty as a cadet on the USS Darwin showed an excellent ability to perform scientific research on a wide front but also that he was not able to make friends with other people on the same vessel.


After spending a long time at Exeter University where he majored in five different subjects he was finally allowed to join the Academy to further his scientific knowledge believing that only performong Starfleet duty on board a vessel would allow him to practice his broad scientific knowledge to the fullest.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

John enrolled at Exeter University after the death of his grandfather and fled into the wolrd of academic studies. After majoring in one subject he studied four more as he found the pursuit of academic knowledge to be quite satisfying.

Starfleet History[edit]

John has problems with authority figures, dating back to his parents' deaths in his childhood. This has coloured his service on both the Nimitz (where his issues were further added to by events on an away mission he took part in) and on the Boudicca, where he was involved in a violent struggle for control of the ship on his very first day.

Medical History[edit]

John had all the childhood diseases he should have had and had no distinctive ailments.


John is well able to examine data from different scientific fields (including warp field dynamics, xenobiology, information technology, geophysics and multi-dimensional theorems) and link it together.

Other Information[edit]


Apart from researching scientific subjects, John is quite fond to work in his spare time on his dissertations as he wishes to become a professor. Other than that he enjoys reading a good book at night.

General Notes[edit]



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