Catriona MacBeth

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Character DEscription[edit]

Eyes Grey

Weight 120 lbs

Hair Blonde

Skin Caucasian

Height 5 foot 8

Blood Red

Pleasant face, rather long nose and broad, generous mouth - both slightly on the large side for her face. Her eyes almost always have an amused look to them, and she is more often than not found with a cheerful expression. Her hair is long and very curly, on duty pinned back ruthlessly but not always entirely successfully. Tendrils of hair tend to escape confinement with distressing ease and it is hard for Catriona to keep it under control for any length of time. Off-duty her hair is generally worn loose unless she is in the gym or indulging in any other activity where a riot of long curls would be a nuisance. Catriona is of medium height and slight to medium build.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Born to a Starfleet family, Catriona grew up on the various vessels which her parents served on. Both her parents were serving officers and it was almost inevitable that Catriona would choose to follow in their footsteps, although at first she chose to follow an academic career. She has one brother who also chose to enter Starfleet.


Starship schooled until her early teens when she was sent back to Earth with her father to complete her education.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Graduating with a first-class honours degree, Catriona followed this up first with a masters then a PhD, becoming a lecturer at Truro University. It was only as she approached her 30th birthday that Catriona decided on a change of direction and applied to join Starfleet. She was accepted and entered Starfleet Academy at the unusually mature age of 31.

Starfleet History[edit]

First assignment: USS Spectre

Medical History[edit]

Catriona enjoys what used to be described as “rude health”. She is rarely ill, but when she is will not hesitate to seek appropriate help. Apparently unusually among Starfleet officers she holds neither medics nor counsellors in abhorrence. This may in part be due to the fact that after an illness contracted on shore-leave with her parents on Talsima V Catriona was left profoundly deaf. She was fitted with what were at the time experimental AISORs (Aural Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacements) which enable her to hear as well if not slightly better than before. The AISORs enable her to hear slightly above and below the normal range for humans with excellent hearing; this perhaps accounts for her skill with languages. She needs to have them regularly checked by the medical staff.


Her rather bubbly exterior conceals a sharply analytical mind. She has an excellent (though not eidetic) memory and tends to think before opening her mouth. Good linguist, able to pick up new languages with relative ease. Speaks several Federation languages with fluency.

Other Information[edit]


Painting, which she does rather badly but with great enthusiasm, often in broad, slashing strokes. Her brother has been heard to comment that she should learn the difference between fencing and painting. Fencing, which she does rather better than painting and which she practices assiduously. Reading – is not insistant on having real books but has one or two real ones that she treasures as gifts from her parents and brother. Mostly she reads on a PADD. Camping – when on board ship Catriona runs a holoprogram which allows her to spend time under canvas. She has learnt to hunt and fish, and enjoys getting away from all mod cons.

General Notes[edit]



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