Lo'ren T'Vof

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Lieutenant Lo'ren T'Vof
Lieutenant Lo'ren T'Vof
Name: Ari Lo'ren T'Vof cha'Tarven
Rank: Lttacsec.jpg
Awards: None
Gender: Female
Species: Bajoran/Vulcan
Age: 54
Position: First Officer/Security Chief
Station: Lertain IV Observation Post
Status: Active

Lieutenant Lo'ren T'Vof is currently assigned to the Observation Post at Lertain IV as First Officer and Head of Security. Her primary job is to assure that the Prime Directive is not violated by overly curious Scientists.

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110 lbs

Blood Colour: Green

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Lo'ren is a short, lithe woman ready for action at all times. Her muscles are well defined but feminine. She seems to have an expression that is moments away from a Vulcan eyebrow or a sarcastic smile, you just can't tell which.

History and Education[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Lo'ren's D'jarra earring, showing the melding of two distinct heritages.

Lo'ren T'Vof spent her early years on Bajor, during the Occupation in a mining camp in Rakantha Province. Her mother, Ari Sia, was a musician who was forced into the mines, her father, Dr. Tarven of Vulcan, was an independent medical doctor who had been allowed on the planet to care of the Bajoran workers but not allowed to leave. Dr. Tarven continued to reside in Rakantha Province, following the death of his wife, where he remained until his death.

Lo'ren grew up typically Bajoran, her parents having elected not to enforce the strict emotional control typical of Vulcan but instructed her in logic and the ways of Vulcan as well as those of Bajor and the Prophets. Lo'ren has no blood siblings but considers other mining camp survivors as being within her extended family. She also has begun to consider many of her Starfleet companions in this same view.

Ari Sia passed away due to complications from age related illness. She was 87 years of age.

Dr. Tarven passed away during the time jump that cause the absence of the 52nd Fleet from Starfleet. He had developed a particularly virulent form of Bendii Syndrome and lived mere months. He was 198 years old.

Lo'ren is currently romantically involved with Jericho (Jack) Haynes. They are bonded in the traditional Vulcan manner.


Bajoran Music Conservatory (Rakantha Province) - Performance and Theory

Amazon University (Brazil, Earth) - Exo-Linguistics

Vulcan Science Directorate - Exo-Linguistics

Kohlinar Applicant - Resigned

Starfleet Academy - OPS and Engineering, Transferred to Advanced Tactical Training Program.

Personal History[edit]

2360: Born in Rakantha Province on Bajor.

2369: Cardassian Occupation of Bajor ended, Starfleet begins administration of Deep Space 9. Lo’ren T’Vof placed in loosely organized education classes with peers, these classes being very basic and focused more on giving the Bajoran children a first opportunity (for most) to be children.

2374 – 79: Studies at Bajoran Music Conservatory, majored in Vocal performance and Belaklavion performance, with a minor in Composition; received Prime Scroll of Performance and Theory (Conservatory Top Honours).

2380 – 88: Studies at Amazon University, Brazil, majored in Exo-Linguistics; Received Masters Degree.

2389: Moved to Vulcan at father’s request.

2390 – 95: Further studies in Exo-Linguistics at Vulcan Science Directorate.

2396 – 98: Attempted Kohlinar, elected not to completed program in favour of applying for Starfleet commission.

2499: Returned to Earth in anticipation of entering Starfleet Academy.

2400 – 04: Starfleet Academy Cadet, majoring in OPS and Engineering, with a secondary concentration in communications and diplomacy.

2404: Transferred to Advanced Tactical Training Program. Mother, Ari Sia, passed away.

2407: Graduated Starfleet Academy and Assigned to USS Hades.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

After Bajor was liberated, Lo'ren came out of the camps and was accepted into the Music Conservatory that was restarting in Rakantha. While young for an applicant, she was accepted because of exemplary teaching from her mother.

After completing those studies Dr. Tarven wanted his daughter to get off of Bajor. He used some of his own contacts to get Lo'ren recommended to Amazon University in Brazil, well known for their Exo-Linguistics program as Lo'ren had learned to speak 5 languages as a child and was quick to pick up words when interacting with Starfleet officers who came down to Bajor post-liberation.

At her father's request following graduation from Amazon University, Miss T'Vof spent some time on Vulcan, where she studied at the Science Directorate and attempted Kohlinar but chose not to complete the program. From there Lo'ren decided to apply to Starfleet Academy and received several recommendations from her University professors and Directorate instructors.

For further details, please refer to Background file.

Starfleet History[edit]

Miss T'Vof was successful at Starfleet Academy. While attending, she won a position as an official entertainer for Starfleet Diplomatic events, which she held every year until her graduation from the Advanced Tactical Training program in 2407.

She enjoyed the challenges presented to her regularly, especially when she transferred into the Tactical Program. Lo'ren spent her free time with several other Cadets from her Class Grouping. Her closest friends from this time, whom she graduated with and still enjoys corresponding with and spending free time with in Holodeck activities are Yuri Abelev, Eoin Mac Liam, Bolan Tavik and Apollo Stephens. She also occasionally spent time with a Cadet named Viskhard until he graduated.

As Lo'ren was in training at the beginning of the Civil War, she was tagged as a candidate by the 52nd Fleet and offered advanced training in Tactics in her 3rd year, she was not given any rank privileges to conceal the proposition and continued her studies from there remaining a Second Class Cadet until she was able to take her First Class courses in her final year.

Lo'ren graduated from Starfleet Academy Summa Cum Laude as a Member of the Coif.


Starfleet Academy Cadet, majoring in OPS and Engineering, with a secondary concentration in communications and diplomacy.


Transferred to Advanced Tactical Training Program.


Academy Graduate

Promoted to Ensign (jg)

Assigned to USS Hades - ATAC


Promoted to Ensign

Promoted to Tactical Chief


On active duty aboard the USS Hades when the entirety of the 52nd Fleet re-entered the timeline following a five year disappearance.

Promoted to Lieutenant jg and posted as Second Officer.


Promoted to Lieutenant and transfered to Lertain IV as First Officer and Head of Security to oversee security at a Scientific and Cultural Observation Post known to its staff as "the House".

Medical History[edit]

Visual of Lo'ren T'Vof's scar.

Lo'ren has a rather noticeable scar that runs up from her left arm to the side of her face. Received during her childhood, it is a stark white reminder of the Cardassian mistreatment of Bajorans. Shaped much like a vine, it is the remnant of a run-in with severely malfunctioning equipment which sent a current of plasma energy coursing up her arm when it was touched. Lo'ren has no difiiculties from the scar itself, but retains deep anger towards the Gul who ordered her to repair that equipment.

Has the typical T-cell anomalies found in many Bajorans, also has Vulcan T-negative blood type (rare).

Due to Lo'ren being of interspecies heritage, there is a margin of imprecision when predicting possible medical complications, but she has been exposed to the typical childhood illnesses common to both her parent species.

Looks younger than her physical age; appears to have inherited most of the physiiology and the longer life-span of her Vulcan Heritage, this is now compounded by the 5 year time jump caused by the Borg activating a specific code in the Warp River. Lo'ren is physically 49 years old at current reporting.


Active Mission[edit]

Witch Hunt

Missing Scientists, Prime Directive violations and something more than meets the eye.

Prior Missions[edit]

A Day in the Sun

The Sphere of Terror

Reflections in the Sand

A Rule of Conscience

Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided

Other Information[edit]


Able to use Vulcan mental/neural techniques including the Mind Meld. Her Bajoran heritage has thrown some anomalous telepathic ability into the mix, where Lo'ren has been able to project to other telepaths without the need on touch. She also has discovered latent Vulcan abilities that seem to come from an earlier, more visceral and violent time in Vulcan history.

Has a facility with languages to the degree of disabling her Universal Translator for most day to day activities.

Speaks Andorian, Bajoran, Betazed, Cardassian, Federation Standard, Klingon, Trill, and Vulcan fluently; also knows the basics of several other languages and can translate from many species.

Has the typical Vulcan facility with numbers but chooses not to display it.

Due to her decision to take the Advanced Tactical Training Program, Lo'ren has taken it upon herself to study the combat styles and techniques of several species, creating a regimen that takes sure advantage of her smaller size and speed. Is somewhat partial to the Klingon Mek'leth and is becoming proficient in it's use.


Is an accomplished musician and has studied instruments from several species. Preferred instruments are the Vulcan Lyre, Bajoran Belaklavion and Vocal performance - Lo'ren is classified as a First (High) Soprano. For the lyrics to some of Lo'ren songs and an approximate Terran equivalent melody, please access Music by Lo'ren.

Enjoys Parises Squares and Anbo-Jyutsu, is also learning hand-to-hand combat techniques and studying weapons techniques from several cultures including Klingon, Andorian, Vulcan, and Terran styles.

General Notes[edit]

Full given name is Ari Lo'ren T'Vof cha'Tarven, but regularly uses Lo'ren T'Vof in an attempt to minimize confusion about which name to use in addressing her. Typically prefers Lo'ren as a given name and T'Vof when being addressed by title - i.e. Miss T'Vof or my friend, Lo'ren.

Favourite foods: Plomeek Soup, Raktajino, Yam fries, Hasperat, Pok Tar and Sushi.

Lo'ren has a sense of humour that is often very dry and has been known to make sarcastic commentary fairly regularly. She is also somewhat headstrong and very free in speaking her mind.

Lo'ren has a deep distrust of and anger towards Cardassians.

Please see file Lo'ren's Story to read further information about Lo'ren's history.



Service Awards[edit]


Combat Action Ribbon

Awarded on Stardate 2408.07.29 for the battle to liberate the Tch'Kairn system from Waagoshin oppression.


Squadron Commanders Commendation

Awarded on Stardate 2414.02.14 for actions above and beyond the call of duty, critical to the success of the Mission to destroy the T'Kon Sphere held by the Borg.

Academy Awards[edit]

Red Squadron Badge and Pin

Red Squad Badge

Full Badge - Worn on left shoulder of standard issue Cadet uniforms, similar to MACO insignia.

Most Cadets prefer to wear this insignia only on training uniforms, reserving the pin (below) for the regular duty uniform.

Red Squad Pin

Red Squad Pin - Cadets and Regular Officers may wear on standard issue duty and Dress uniforms. Cadets affix to collar opposite rank. Commissioned Officers reserve for wear beneath communications badge with other awards on dress uniform.

Given to members of the Red Squadron, also known as Cadet Training Squadron 47.

Advanced Tactical Training Ribbon

Advanced Tactical Training Ribbon

Given upon completion of the Advanced Tactical Training Program. May be worn with other awards on dress uniform.

Ranks Achieved[edit]






Prime Scroll in Performance and Theory

Prime Scroll

Awarded to Top Achieving Student of Graduating Class at Bajoran Music Conservatory.

Comparable to University level Degree First-Class Honours with Distinction (Starred First) combined with Valedictorian Status.

Prime Scroll Rope Braiding

Recipients of the Prime Scroll are given a length of purple rope braid that can be affixed to the right shoulder of any outfit. Generally is reserved to formal wear.

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