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Captain Will Alexander is the Commanding Officer on the USS Mithrandir.

Will Alexander
Name: William Gonzalo Alexander
Rank: File:Captcmd.jpg
Awards: Rib20.gif Order of Unity- Ribbon.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 29
Position: Commanding Officer
Ship: USS Mithrandir
Status: Active

Physical Details[edit]

Biographical Information[edit]

Name:Will Alexander



Birthplace: Earth


Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour:Brown


Weight:210 lbs

IBS Blood Colour:Red

Skin Colour:White(tan)

Physical Description[edit]

He has dark brown hair that he likes to keep short, and is normally clean shaven, but likes to have some stubble, when he feels like it suits him. Will is a sturdy looking guy. Some what tall, muscular, and buffish, while at the same time not looking to big or overweight. Has short brown hair, and is naturally tanned.


Will doesn't get sick very often, excpet for the occasional cold and whatnot. He has never broken a bone, nor had any serious injury. Ordered to attend weekly counseling sessions to help deal with stress related to leaving Earth. Had slight depression and stress related with the Civil war that caused him to resign as First Officer of the USS Dennison.

Biographical Details[edit]


Born on a Starfleet base in Rota, Spain on Stardate 2380.04.26. His father served six years in Starfleet then retired at the rank of Lt. He then became a lawyer. Will lived his entire life on earth along with his parents, and his younger siblings, John, David, and Elisa. He is the grandson of former Starfleet Admiral, who died when will was 6 in 2386.

He lived a pretty normal and uneventful life. He wanted to be a lawyer before entering Starfleet Academy. In fact he had taken that path and enrolled in the University of Oklahoma and obtained two degrees there. After graduation he decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy, deciding that becoming a lawyer would be enjoyable, but decided that, it wasn't the best choice for him. Though he did attend special correspondence classes.

His brother John is currently a Senior in Starfleet Medical. His brother David, a Junior, is a tatical major. All 3 siblings attended major universities before going to the Academy because they wanted to make sure that is what they truly wanted to do. John graduated from Texas A&M University with a Pre-Med degree and David graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Interplanetary and Earth history.

When they were little they all wanted to be Starfleet officers, like their dad was, and most of their uncles on their mom's side of the family were. They would always make believe they were onboard ships and would play. But as they grew older those dreams seamed to fade. Will became more interested in business and managing things. He wanted to be an interplanetary business lawyer and work with other planets. Business and managemnet grew on him, as well as studying law. However in his senior year at university, while he was debating Starfleet or law school, he chose the Starfleet because he didn't want to make a descion he would regret. Realizing he could always become a lawyer after finishing his service in Starfleet, he thought he would pursue his dreams of traveling the stars.

His brothers also followed suit. The day Will entered Starfleet the three brothers made a pact they would all serve time in Starfleet and put their careers on hold, serving in Starfleet to achieve their childhood dream and to "protect" the galaxy. John, knowing that a medical degree from Starfleet would allow him to practice privately when he was done serving, entered as a medical major. David, an avid weapons collector, had planned all along to enter starfleet as a career and only got the degrees in history because history was one of his passions.

Will is of Spanish(Spain) and American descent. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, USA, but also lived in Florida, Mexico City, Mexico, and Hondruas due to his dad's legal career that he took after being honorably discharged from Starfleet.

Will comes from a family of Starfleet officers. On his mothers side he has 10 uncles currently serving in Starfleet with 2 of them in the Admiralty, 3 of them in command of their own ship, 3 serving as first officers, 1 Chief Engineer and 1 JAG. His grandfather on his mom's side was also a Starfleet Admiral before he died when Will was six. Will also has many cousins serving in Starfleet. On his fathers side, only his dad served in starfleet as a CONN officer and then later as a flight instructor at the Rota Base in Spain; though his grandfather on his dad's side did serve as a politician on Earth, as well as the President of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. On his dad's side Will has no cousin's in starfleet, and his sister has no plans of entering into Starfleet.

Will wanted to become an Operations officer because he has a love for managing things as well as making sure things run smoothly, due to his interested in business admistration. He views running a Starship like running a business except with a lot more circuitry, technology, and the fact that it is a ship. He aslo believed that of all the positions available to him, the OPS position best suited who he was. He was also interested in a postion as a CONN officer because he is very interested in flight and flying things and because, when he was young, he would play "Starship" with his brothers would always be the pilot. Upon graduation his first posting was as an officer serving in both departments.


Starfleet Academy

Interplanetary Business and General Business Management Degree as well as an Aviation minor from the University of Oklahoma on Earth.

Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma on Earth through their outreach and correspondence program.

Pre Starfleet[edit]

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with degrees in Interplanetary Business and General Business Management as well as a minor in Aviation. He was ready to go to law school when he instead decided that he wanted to go into Starfleet.

He entered the University of Oklahoma at age 18 in the year 2398. He was a walk on member of the football team who rapidly rose the depth chart due to his hard work, even though he was not as athletic as some of his teammates. He was a fixture on the scout team and always practiced hard. This led to him earning the spot of deep snapper his junior year. His senior year he became the reserve full back and had key blocks in the Earth Collegiate championship game when the starter was hurt. He graduated in the top 25% of his class on Stardate 2402.05.25.

Starfleet Career[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

In 2402 will offically began classes at the Starfleet Academy. He had chosen to go there rather then going to law school. He had an easy time adapting to life there, though, some of the current Academy football players were a little ticked seeing as Will as a member of the University of Oklahoma football team had beaten them in the Earth Collegiate Championship game the year before. Will also took law classes through a special correspondence outreach program offered by the University of Oklahoma to Starfleet cadets and Officers in the obtaining of post graduate degrees. Will took the classes in simulated environments at nights, supervised by an outreach instructor, a long with other students in a similar program. At the time he finished the academy, he had finished most of his course work but decided to pursue the ship career instead.

While at the academy his specialized in ship piloting systems, transporters and general operations. He also joined the debate team, and showed he was a good asset to them as he was named a captain his juior and senior years. He helped in capturing two Earth Collegiate Championships with them, as well as one Federation Intercollegiate Championship. He graduated number 15th in his class on Stardate 2406.05.15, he then took some advanced training classes and was shipped to his first duty station the USS Cochrane.

USS Cochrane[edit]

USS Cochrane

Will arrived on the USS Cochrane as an Ensign Junior Grade and was posted as a CONN/OPS Officer. However just mere days after his arrival the USS Cochrane was scheduled for decommissioning and Will was transfered to the USS Mystique.

USS Mystique[edit]

USS Mystique

On stardate 2406.11.05 Will arrived onboard the USS Mystique where he met Commander Remae Ktell. Remae was the CO of the USS Spectre, however due to the use of a Spectre in a special mission, Remae was demoted to Commander and made first officer of the Mystique. This meant that a good portion of the Spectre crew was on board as well. Will learned that his posting on the Mystique was only temporary, due to the fact that as soon as the Spectre was done with her mission he was to transfer over and become a part of her crew. During his day on the Mystique he aided in the removal of strange energy creatures that were attracted to the warp core.

On 2406.11.06,Will was given the rank of Ensign Senior Grade and moved over to the USS Spectre as her Chief Conning and Operations Officer.

USS Spectre[edit]

USS Spectre

Once on board the USS Spectre, Will settled in quite nicely. After getting a full crew at Starbase Geneva, Will participated against the Spectre in a tactical simulation, where he commanded the Runnabout Evangeline against his ship while in an asteroid field. This led to his promotion to Third Officer on Stardate 2406.11.11.

Later on with the Spectre on a mission to study a star they came across her sister ship the USS Phantom. Due to the machinations of some of the Phantoms crew he switched bodies with a manipulative Commander Steve Furrows. While on the Phantom Will discovered a way to switch their bodies back, and then destroyed all evidence and data of the body switching techinque so that it would not be replicated. Due to his actions on recapturing the Spectre, which was enroute to liberate a prison colony, he was awarded a Captains Commendation on Stardate 2406.11.13.

Soon after he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and took over Second Officer duties from Lt. Commander Pierce Orde. Will was rather pleased at his promotion so quickly, as well as shocked since he had only been out of the academy less then a year.

After the Phantom mission, Will went with the Spectre to Spacedock Phoenix where he aided in the refit and helped install a Strategic Operations Center.

Will was in temporary command of the Spectre while an away team headed up by First Officer Lt. T'Vhor and Captain Remae Ktell were on the surface of Betazed aiding the resistance there. While in command Will and the remaining senior staff worked to find a saboteur, sadly however he escaped on the Spectre's new type 11 shuttle. After being unable to beam the saboteur out, Will ordered its destruction, however the Saboteur escaped. Will was relieved of command by Lt. T'Vhor win the away team returned to the Spectre, although Captain Remae was injured severely on the mission.

Will has also gained a crush on Assistant Chief Science Officer Lt. JG Yayla Nollys, and has asked her out on a date. Their date went well but the relationship went no where thanks to his being transferred to the USS Dennison

On Stardate: 2407.01.18 Will was promoted to Lieutenant Senior Grade and offered the position of First Officer on the USS Dennison. He left the Spectre and awaited pick up on Starbase 375.

USS Dennison[edit]

USS Dennison

On Stardate: 2407.02.01 Will boarded the Dennison and assumed duties as First Officer. Also on on Stardate: 2407.02.01 Will was also promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander due in part what he accomplished during his time with the Spectre, the other half being on good faith from Captain Madison Davis that he will serve her and the Dennison well. While on the Dennison Will was present during the course of the Civil War and a few mishaps. There was the presence of a saboteur who murdered Chief Engineer Lt. Ryan Maines, as well as freak holodeck accident that saw the death of Strategic Operations Officer Lt. Thomas Loyola killed by a Holodeck vampire from one of Will's holodeck programs. After escaping the Holodeck, Will and the Dennison crew attempted to aid the USS Beowulf before it was destroyed, and rescued 5 of its crew, including Lt. Commander Michael Loyola the Beowulf first officer and brother of the recently deceased Thomas Loyola. During this time will had completed his Law Degree through the outreach program, as well attempted to date Beowulf Counselor Halima Thomas, who may or may not have been an ancestor of Captain Madison Davis, but that didn't get very far. After being jumped four months through time, Will stepped down as First Officer due to stress and accepted the position of Third Officer and Chief Conning Officer. This would be brief, as Will had, without anyone on the Dennison knowing, passed the Starfleet Bar exam and was accepted to the JAG corp on Starbase Geneva, where he served til the end of the war. Will felt as if he had been running away, but he blamed himself for the destruction of the Beowulf as well as the death of Lt. Loyola and felt he was not fit for Starship duty. So he pursued what he thought at the time was what he originally wanted to be.

Starbase Geneva[edit]

Starbase Geneva

Served aboard Geneva in the Starfleet Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG) as a prosecutor before leaving temporarily for an assignment on the USS Hades. During his time he assisted in the Legal research side of prosecutions dealing with the events during the course of the civil war. Will did not get to prosecute these cases, and was then sent to prosecute misdemeanors as they felt it was a better use of his talents, because although he was a Lt. Commander he was a relative rookie to the legal field and the JAG corp.

USS Hades[edit]

USS Hades

In Early 2408 Will had temporarily been transferred as a JAG Officer to the USS Hades to aid in negotiations with the Romulans. Left quietly during that time to return to Starbase Geneva and the JAG Corp as this was a temporary assignment. He was assigned to this mission, as the JAG base on Starbase Geneva felt that a JAG with command and ship experience was better suited for a mission like this.

USS Humboldt[edit]

USS Humboldt

2408-While on return to Geneva from the Hades, Will immediately sent in a request to return to active Starship duty. His request was granted by the time his transport arrived at Geneva and he had just enough time to gather his things and head to his next assignment as CONN/OPS officer on board the Nebula Class ship the USS Humboldt, of which during his first mission on board reunited him with his old ship, the Spectre. His request was granted as the fleet was more than happy to return an officer with combat, and command experience to the fleet, when his skills in that area were being wasted. Will was more than happy to return to active duty as he felt certain now that he did not want to be a lawyer. While on the Humboldt he served primarily as a CONN officer and Chief of the Conning Department while the Assistant Chief of Operations. He also spent time as a mentor to the young officers in the Conning Department.

USS Spectre[edit]

USS Spectre

Will was transferred back to the Spectre sometime after his posting aboard the Humboldt. During his first day back he led an away mission on board the Shuttlecraft Crusader to repair the Spectre's hull. During the repairs a freak accident critically injured Lt. JG Adams and Ensign JG Talbot. Furthermore on his first day back, due to an illness striking Lt. Commander Brian Rogers, Will was chosen by Captain T'Vhor to lead an away team consisting of himself, Major Bruce Kowalski, Lt. Commander Calvin Capps, 2nd Lt. Robert Sykes, and Corporal Lewis O'Hara over to a Borg Ship on a special Starfleet mission to recover a Borg Central Plexus. They were successful in recovering the Central Plexus, but it was damaged. Will was then afterwards named Third Officer and Strategic Operations officer of the Spectre. On Stardate: 2408.06.10 the entire 52nd fleet was transported into the future to Stardate 2413.09.08.

USS Mithrandir[edit]

USS Mithrandir

On Stardate 2413.09.23 Will was named First Officer of the USS Mithrandir.

On Stardate 2414.06.01 Will was promoted to the rank of Commander and named Commanding Officer of the USS Mithrandir

On Stardate 2414.08.25 Will was officially given his promotion to Captain.

More to Come

Other Information[edit]


Will enjoys studying law, and keeping up with interplanetary business deals. He also enjoys watching old movies from the 21st century and studying 21st century sports, and then playing those sports in the holodecks. Played football for High school and University teams. Picked up the guitar as a more serious hobby, outside of the band he had with his brothers when he was in high school, while serving as a JAG officer on Starbase Geneva.


He has a good understanding of business and interplanetary relations, trade and so on thanks to his degrees in those fields. He is also very skilled in the fields in which he trained at starfleet academy, especially piloting and transporter systems. He has a law degree and has practiced in the field of law.


His two brothers are in Starfleet and are Lt. SG John Alexander and Lt. JG David Alexander both serving on ships throughout the fleet.


Rib20.gif Captainscom.gif

Awarded Captains Commendation: For the recapture of the Spectre on Stardate: 2406.11.13

Order of Unity- Ribbon.jpg

Awarded Order of Unity by Starfleet Command. The Order of Unity was awarded to all participants of the civil war conflict. This medal recognizes both bravery and exemplary service in the fight to regain democracy and freedom for all.

Ranks Achieved[edit]








Will Alexander is played by Will Banowsky