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Kenneth "Kenny" McKenzie (born January 15th 2386 – age 28) is a white male Human who is a Starfleet Lieutenant Junior Grade assigned to the Federation Starship USS Mithrandir as the Chief Science Officer

Kenneth McKenzie
Name: Kenneth McKenzie
Rank: Ltjgmed.jpg
Awards: Rib20.gif Rib12.gif
Gender: Male
Species: Human European
Age: 28
Current Position: Chief Science Officer
Previous Positions: Acting Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Current Ship: USS Mithrandir
Previous Ships: USS Hades
Status: Active

Early Life[edit]

Kenneth McKenzie was born in the small Scottish town of Ballachulish on Earth’s European Continent. His family ran a small farm in the town and Kenny’s father taught him how to work on the farm, tending to the land and fishing. His father also taught him herb lore and the local wildlife. Kenny became very knowledgeable about plants and their medical properties. Kenny’s mother was the local doctor, who also taught him basic medical treatments, such as first aid. He enjoyed working on the farm, helping provide the town with food.

Both he and his father share an interest in mountain climbing and sailing, as well as other pastimes such as chess and reading. Kenny would often climb Ben Nevis with his father and sail in the local loch. Although Kenny did attend the local primary school, he was mostly home-schooled by his parents. When he became a teenager and attended secondary school, Kenny developed an interest in studying that which is unknown. He would often read up about the United Federation of Planets, about its members, aliens and what was outside of planet Earth such as the unknown which is often found in space. At nights he would lay in the field and stargaze. Over time he acquired a telescope and became an armature astronomer. He also began to study how and why things work, always wishing to know about everything he could. This started to interest him in Starfleet. Later, he went to Glasgow to study Astronomy and Xenobiology After university he moved to the city of San Francisco and joined Starfleet.


Kenny studied to become a Science Officer and passed first time. He was assigned to the USS Hades as the Assistant Chief Science Officer. After the incident with the Waagoshin, Kenny resqusted a transfer to a Science ship and Kenny was promoted to Ensign Seinor Grade and re-assigned to the USS Mithrandir on Stardate 2413.09.28 as the Assistant Chief Science Officer. On Stardate 2414.06.01, Kenny was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made Chief Science Officer.

USS Hades[edit]

Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided[edit]

Kenny was sent to the USS Hades by a shuttlecraft because the ship was in deep space heading to Romulus because the Romulans had expressed a desired to father relationships with the United Federation of Planets and the USS Hades had been assigned to take an ambassador to meet them. Only moments after his arrival, an explosion tore through the ship, part of it engulfed the transporter pad were Kenny had been standing seconds ago. The crewperson operating the transporter was injured and Kenny was force to drag the man several decks to Sickbay. Kenny then had to help Lieutenant Angeni Windsong-Trommashere’s medical team to search for survivors.

A Rule of Conscience[edit]

When the USS Hades encountered a race calling them selves the Waagoshin, they were escorted to a planet with a space station in it’s orbit. The Waagoshin invited the crew of the USS Hades aboard the space station for a tour and Kenny, along with the team he was with, viewed the science sections on the station. However, the Waagoshin attacked the USS Hades and Kenny was involved in a hand-to-hand fight with the Waagoshin after losing his phaser pistol.

In the later battle to liberate the Tch'Kairn from Waagoshin rule, Kenny and the team he was with were transported to the surface to locate the underground movement, where he is involved in another fight. Despite his actions awarding him the Combat Action Ribbon, Kenny felt that life aboard the USS Hades was too extreme and dangerous for him and he requested to be transferred to a Science ship. His transfer was approved.

USS Mithrandir[edit]

Kenny was promoted to Ensign Seinor Grade and re-assigned to the USS Mithrandir on Stardate 2413.09.28 as the Assistant Chief Science Officer

Into the Undiscovered Country[edit]

Kenny joined after the mission was complete and helped Lieutenant tlha'nISta' (Lanista) re-organised the science team and was put in charge of running the task of looking for systems in the ship to check on and upgrade. He was also put in charge the team making the Holographic Telecommunication project.

Seeking Celestial Substances[edit]

On stardate 2413.10.02 the USS Mithrandir was sent on a mission to Planet 3553 to gather and study Fool's Dilithium.

On stardate 2413.10.20 Kenny beamed onto Planet 3553 along with Commander Will Alexander Lieutenant tlha'nISta' (Lanista) to retrieve a sample of Fool's Dilithium in it’s natural form and returned it to the ship for study by Dr. Samuel Landers.

On stardate 2413.10.23, Kenny was studying files about Fool's Dilithium in the Chief Science Officer office when an explosion ripped though the room from behind. Kenny was found by Doctor Siobhan Philbin wandering in the corridor dazed. Siobhan Philbin told a Crewperson to help Kenny to Sickbay for treatment. He received first degree burns and a mild concussion in the explosion but later recovered.

Later that day, after the crew returned to the ship after it’s evacuation from a radiation leak, Commander Will Alexander assigned Kenny with Ensign Markra and Ensign Jack Reacher to investigate in explosion. After getting the radiation results from Doctor Jorsad Ari and studying the fragments of what was left of the Fool's Dilithium, they later found out that the explosion was the result of Dr. Samuel Landers’ experiments which went wrong after he tried to bombard the crystal with gamma radiation.

By Apollo[edit]

On stardate 2414.01.20, Kenny formed a team consisting of Lieutenant tlha'nISta' (Lanista), Lieutenant Donald Johnson, and Crewperson Raymond Masterson to continue the Holographic Telecommunication project.


Kenny is genuinely polite and always willing to speak to people, but sometimes can get stuck deep within his work if it really interests him. At times he can be a perfectionist, not completing his work until it’s done right, which can sometimes make him late for reports or meetings. He has a habit of being very clean and tidy and openly complaining about a messy room.


Kenny was taught a lot from his father, to who he was very close to. His father taught him to mountain climb and sail and the two enjoyed playing chess at night. Kenny enjoys learning about almost anything, and will often read anything he can to learn something new. He also enjoys tinkering with machines on a small scale and improving on them. Since he is on a starship he is unable to take regular leave on Earth, so he enjoys holodeck simulations of sailing and mounting climbing as well as role playing simulations, such as farming.

Kenny loves to cook as well, mostly fresh food which he can grow or catch, particularly black coffee. He has a dislike of replicated food and often comments that if holodecks can make holographic food which tastes just as nice as the real thing, then why can’t replicated food be the same?

Kenny also like collecting items from around the universe, mostly weapons. He owns two British flintlock pistols, a Japanese katana and a Scottish sword and buckler. Other things he collects are copies of famous documents such as the Declaration of Arbroath.

Other Information[edit]

According to Lieutenant tlha'nISta' (Lanista) mIQ'entlhI' is the closest way to pronounce McKenzie in Klingon.

Kenny is played by Gavin Work


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